Why We Are Different

Specialized Gym Room

We believe in that a healthy mind and healthy body go hand-in-hand. Studies clearly indicate that physical exercise helps children develop their mental abilities. My Preschool has a dedicated gym room which incorporates a martial arts foundation which does just that. Our cofounder and teacher,  Chao Mei, brings decades of training in Shaolin Kung-Fu and Qi Gong to our physical fitness program. His advanced martial arts background adds considerable value to traditional activities such jumping, tumbling, balancing, and hand/eye coordination you won’t find anywhere else.

Age appropriate equipment is provided to enhance the students’ physical exercise and development. Physical fitness benefits children’s mental health and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Cultural Special Events

Our purpose is to help the children become more aware of the many cultures and traditions in our community. Cultural special events and other celebrations in our schools are kept very simple. The children, families and staff are involved in helping to plan for the celebrations in order to incorporate these special days into their educational experiences.

While we encourage all families to share their cultural and family traditions with us, no child is required to take part in a celebration.  Please notify the Site Administrator or teacher if you choose to not participate in any specific special event.

Weekly Reports

A daily parent-teacher communication system is in place to inform and update parents and families about children behavior and academics.  It is an accountability measure designed to serve as documentation about daily or weekly interactions.

Security Camera

Safety is our number 1 priority.  My Preschool is secured with not just adult supervision, but also our indoor and outdoor security camera system is 24/7.