Dear Parents and Guardians:
Welcome to MY PRESCHOOL!  My name is Mindy Yip and I am the Principal of MY PRESCHOOL.
I have an extensive background in education that spans from early education to elementary education.  I began my teaching career as a pre-school teacher, followed by years as an elementary school teacher in the San Francisco Unified School District for 12 years before becoming a principal in early education.
It is my distinct honor to have the opportunity to serve you and your child.  My personal belief is that every child can learn.  As educators, it is our responsibility to provide each of them with an equal opportunity to succeed in school and to fully prepare them for kindergarten.  Our success is based on your child’s success.  I am fully committed to this job and will work collaboratively with my staff to ensure each family and child has a positive early educational experience.
Collaboration and communication are very important aspects of school success and teamwork.  Please note that I am able to communicate in various languages–Cantonese, Vietnamese, Laotian, and some basic Mandarin and Thai.  I believe in open communication, and I will always leave my door open for you.

I am fully committed to quality education and would like to dedicate my life to serve the children and families here in Sacramento.  

My accomplishments in education include the following:

 I look forward to meeting and getting to know you and your child!


Mindy Yip

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