Preschool Program

Preschool Program

We serve preschool children ages two through five. We are all year round. Our program provides a balance of child-initiated and teacher directed activities and provide individual, small, and large group learning opportunities. Activities include reading, art, dramatic play, small and gross motor activities, indoor and outdoor play construction, nature exploration, and field trips. 

Key Developmental Areas

Language and Literacy

Our teachers focus on several areas to move language development forward for each student. We begin by helping students identify the first sound in a word. As progress is made, we help them identify and name up to 10 letters. It is exciting when students begin to recognize his or her own name and start to write it using letters and shapes that closely resemble letters.

Executive Function

We encourage each student to express a deep curiosity about their surroundings and new objects then encounter. Helping them to stay focused for longer periods of time enhances their executive function. Simple activities are practiced until students can complete the tasks themselves. Continued practice helps them to control impulses with less adult guidence. 

Social and Emotional Development

Students learn to embrace meaningful interaction with their peers and adults at school.  They learn to make friends, express their frustrations appropriately, and share their joy on a daily basis. We promote positive traits and model respect and kindness throughout the day.

Physical Development

My Preschool is unique because we have intentionally set up a room which specializes in physical development.  In our physical fitness program, our students embrace healthy living habits. Students learn about their body parts, develop gross motor skills, acquire fine motor, balancing, stretching, and hand-body coordination and meditation in closure and bring the inner peace to the individuals.

Intellectual Development

Students enrich their vocabulary development through singing, chatting, and oral language.  Students are introduced to early literacy skills through read aloud, visual aids and concrete objects. They recognize numbers, colors, and shapes by classifying, sorting and playing games.  Technology is also integrated and embed as part of the innovative curriculum to extend their learning.

Cognitive Development

Students understand and connect cause and effect as they problem solve through play. Students creatively build objects from Legos, blocks, and other toys to help them connect to real life experiences.

Daily Schedule