Meet Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Our highly qualified staffs are licensed and certified by the Department of Education in the State of California.   They are committed to devoting their lives to educate and share their wisdom with the students who will be the future of our generation.  They are knowledgeable in early childhood education and understand the importance of different developmental stages. 

They are passionate about their work and execute their practices through innovation, caring and creativity.  They are lifelong learners with the latitude to thrive and to enhance their professional and personal growth throughout the year. They are required to attend our monthly professional development training to continually grow. As a result, they will apply their wisdom to help the children thrive.

Meet Mindy Yip

It is my distinct honor to have the opportunity to serve you and your child. I have an extensive background in education that spans from early education to elementary education.  I began my teaching career as a pre-school teacher, followed by years as an elementary school teacher in for 12 years before becoming a principal in early education.

I am fully committed to this job and will work collaboratively with my staff to ensure each family and child has a positive early educational experience.

Collaboration and communication are very important aspects of school success and teamwork.  Please note that I am able to communicate in various languages– Cantonese, Vietnamese, Laotian, and some basic Mandarin and Thai.  I believe in open communication, and I will always leave my door open for you.

Warm regards,
Mindy Yip, Cofounder & Principal

Meet Chao Mei

I am honored to be a teacher at MY PRESCHOOL. I began martial arts training at the age of ten in  Beijing, China. In 2010, I joined Shaolin Temple USA and performed in various parts of the country, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington, Virginia, San Francisco, Fremont and more.

I taught Shaolin Kung-fu and Qi Gong to students ages four to seniors at Stanford University and in different parts of the United States, including Virginia, Fremont, San Francisco, and Sacramento.  I have also served as a judge at Kung-fu tournaments and competitions for Tiger Claw, Wu Shu Kung-fu, and Shaolin Kung-fu in Berkeley and San Jose. I believe physical activities promote a healthy body and a healthy mind. 

I look forward to sharing my passion for martial arts and my qigong skills to our young generation during gym time and outdoor play here at My Preschool.

Warm Regards,
Chao Mei, Cofounder & Teacher

Meet Kenzie Li

Having previously worked as an elementary-level tutor in a children’s education center, I am happy to be teaching the language of Chinese-Mandarin to the children here at My Preschool and adding my own experience in child development. This has lead me to thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the process of sharing interactively with young minds. I am currently continuing my own education at Sacramento City College with a major of dental hygiene. I find that My Preschool’s inspiration learning environment allows us not only to educate, but also offer a bit of personalized care and attention to your young scholars. I look forward to helping your child grow in mind and spirit!

Best wishes,

Kenzie Li, Teacher

Meet Xiomara Zavala

I am thrilled to be a part of the teaching team. I am excited to teach children Spanish as part of the language component at My Preschool. I started from a very young age to work with kids as a nanny, I have even worked with autistic kids. I find it astonishing seeing different behaviors and being a part of shaping them into awesome human beings.

My passions vary from working with children, travel and photography. I see the importance as an early childhood educator the need for patience, dedication, care and passion for nurturing our new generation.

Viniendo de un hogar latino, sé la importancia de saber más de un idioma para tener más oportunidades.

Warm Regards,
Xiomara Zavala, Teacher

Meet Desiree La

I am delighted to be a part of the My Preschool team and to be able to work with the wonderful children and families of this school. I have a B.S. in Biology from UC Riverside and I am continually taking courses to further extend my knowledge on early childhood education to best serve as an educator to our youth. 

I have always enjoyed working with children ever since I was younger, so I am eager to be able to be here to promote the growth and development of our younger generation. I aim to establish a safe and nurturing environment that welcomes all children to explore, learn and thrive in. I look forward to the opportunities you will find here for both you and your child!

Best Regards,
Desiree La, Teacher

Meet Stacey LaTorre

Being a part of the My Preschool family has been a wonderful experience. As a teacher in the front office, i have the opportunity to see all the children’s smiling faces first thing in the morning before they enter their classroom!

I started my early childhood career at a preschool located in Santa Cruz where I took ECE courses at Cabrillo Community College. I was part of a program that served infants all the way up to pre-K for almost ten years. Being able to witness children hit all their milestones within the first five years of their life was such a privilege to watch, and brought tears to my eyes every summer when we said goodbye to those moving off to kindergarten. 

When my husband, daughter and I relocated to Sacramento, I was lucky enough to find another preschool that has the same passion and commitment as I do when it comes to childhood development. I look forward to enjoying the same experiences with your children as I have with my past students as they embark on a lifelong learning experience!

Warm Regards,
Stacey LaTorre, Front Office/Teacher

Meet Karla Guillen

Working at My Preschool has been a wonderful experience. I started my early childhood education many years ago at Consumnes River College and it warms my heart to be able to nurture children every day by providing physical, cognitive and academic support in a healthy and safe environment.

As one of the Spanish teachers here at My Preschool, I thoroughly enjoy implementing Spanish into our daily activities and am pleased at how quickly the children catch on to basic words and sentences.

Each child is  unique in their own way and I look forward to helping your child discover their individuality and work alongside them to maximize their learning experience.

Karla Guillen, Teacher

Meet Taylor Tang

I am excited to be part of My Preschool. I have always wanted to work with children when I discovered during high school that teaching was my passion. I currently minor in Child Development at Sac State University and am simultaneously taking Education classes in order to further my studies. I believe that with with time and communication, children will turn out to be incredible human beings.

I hope to help mold their creative little minds as they hit all their developmental milestones and find myself excited at the idea of being able to witness it. 

I look forward to working with your children and am grateful to have the opportunity to engage with them and teach them what I would have wanted to learn when I was their age.

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